Impressive to say the least.

Via Washington Secrets:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has had the best year of any Republican and virtually anyone in the world, ranking third in Rasmussen Report’s new poll of the of the “most influential” people in the world, behind Pope Francis and President Obama.

In the new poll, Cruz, who made headlines for trying to dismantle Obamacare, was the pick for the most influential of 11 percent. The pope was tops at 23 percent, Obama second at 21 percent.

Among Republicans, Cruz was second behind the pope, with 19 percent calling the freshman senator and Tea Party leader the world’s most influential leader. Just 9 percent of Republicans said the same thing of Obama.

23% Pope Francis

21% Barack Obama

11% Ted Cruz

8% Edward Snowden

4% Vladimir Putin

3% John Boehner

3% Chris Christie

2% Miley Cyrus

2% Kate Middleton

1% Angela Merkel

1% Malala Yousafzai

1% Kathleen Sebelius