And a new liberal myth is born, Christian privilege.

Via Washington Examiner:

It’s settled, then: Christian conservatives use religion as a justification for their discriminatory behavior, and Americans will only enjoy true religious freedom when their so-called “religious liberty” claims are defeated.

That was the consensus Thursday at a panel discussion sponsored by the Center for American Progress in Washington.

“People [are] using the term ‘liberty’ when they really mean ‘my liberty, your slavery,'” the Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, president of the Interfaith Alliance, said during the discussion. He made the statement while arguing that liberals’ view of religious liberty springs from a true, originalist reading of the Constitution that was once universally understood. Unfortunately, he said, the American people have become “confused” about this question because of misleading claims made by the U.S. Conference of Catholic bishops.

“You have the Catholic bishops advocating for ‘religious freedom,’ which doesn’t look anything like what religious freedom is in the Constitution,” Gaddy said. “Unless we do those kind of dramatic actions [such as the ACLU suing the USCCB] in order to get us back to what the foundation of religious freedom has been all the time, it’s going to get worse and worse, with people using the term ‘liberty’ when they really mean ‘my liberty, your slavery.'” […]

He followed that remark by saying that interpretations of the Bible “ought never threaten the federal government and the way people are ruled by law … an interpretation of the Bible is of little consequence to the guarantee of the Constitution.”

Later in the talk, Gaddy agreed with an interlocutor who asked if liberals “need to start educating, and calling out, Christians for trying to exercise ‘Christian privilege.'”

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