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“Death Stare” could be our new nickname for Mooch.

Via Allen West:

It’s not just Republicans criticizing Obama and Kerry over Iran. Democrats are abandoning the president over the deal as well. Credibility is quickly slipping from his grasp.

According to the Washington Post, “more than two weeks after a landmark deal with Iran, House Republicans and Democrats called the Obama administration’s approach to nuclear negotiations naive and signaled they will slap more sanctions on the country despite warnings that doing so would torpedo the United States’ best chance in years at rapprochement.”

In a truly delusional statement before the House Foreign Relations committee on Tuesday, Kerry claimed the national security of US, Israel, and Arab Gulf States actually would be enhanced by the “nuclear deal” with Iran and new trade measures would harmed the fragile diplomacy with Iran’s government. […]

The Obama administration seems to have an insatiable appetite to do something, anything, no matter how truly ill-conceived or how little it is supported on Capitol Hill. While Obama once had the power like Ramses in the movie “The Ten Commandments” to demand, “So let it be written, so let it be done,” he’s certainly struggling now.

Based on those pictures with the Danish Prime Minister over in South Africa, it seems like President Obama is good at some foreign relations. But I bet the First Lady imposed some serious sanctions on him per that death stare. Hmm, perhaps Michele Obama should be the lead negotiator with the Iranians?