Multiculturalism continues to run amok in the UK.

Via IB Times:

The Shariah Project, a London-based Muslim group, is to march through Brick Lane on Friday against the drinking and sale of alcohol along the nightlife spot.

Members of the group believe the consumption or selling of alcohol to be “sinful” under Islamic law and should be “strictly prohibited”.

They hope that the rally, scheduled for the afternoon following Friday prayers, will illuminate the ills of alcohol.

Spokesman for the group Abu Rumaysah, said: “There’s a lot of problems in the area like anti-social behaviour caused by drinking and a lot of the Muslims are involved in selling alcohol in their shops.”

He added: “The one who is not a Muslim is already going to hellfire. The one who drinks or sells alcohol God can forgive if he mends his ways.”

Rumaysah added that hate preacher Anjem Choudary is one of its “mentors”.

Abdul Muhid, a shopowner, said he contacted the Islamic group after the local council raised alcohol abuse as a problem in the borough.

“One of the problems in the recession is that people are depressed and some have hit the bottle,” he said.

“My duty as a Muslim is to convince people of the ills of alcohol.

“In the Islamic teaching drinking and selling alcohol is a sin.”