Update to this story.

Via Wisconsin Free:

The Wisconsin Free has obtained exclusive video from a security camera of yet another victim of the so-called “Knockout Game,” also known as “Point ‘em Out, Knock ‘em Out.” The latest incident occurred near the Milwaukee Collegiate Academy at 4030 North 29th St. in Milwaukee.

In the video an unknown male is seen entering a sidewalk from a nearby parking lot on Dec. 2 at around 5p.m. What looks to be a group of males is seen following him in an almost stalker like fashion. As the victim approaches the corner, one man breaks away from the group, runs up to the victim, punches him from behind and runs off. The blow is so hard that the victim tumbles forward and collapses into the street.  […]

The victim appears to be white male, while the attacker and others in the group appear to be African-American – a repeat of previous attacks in Milwaukee.

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