Yes, professing the desire to blow Israel up doesn’t exactly engender confidence…

Via Fox News:

Warning the international community to “beware” Iran’s intentions, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the United States and other negotiators to demand as part of nuclear talks that the regime “change its genocidal policy” toward the Jewish state.

“This is a regime committed to our destruction,” Netanyahu said, at a forum on U.S.-Israel relations hosted by the Brookings Institution.

The Israeli leader continued to sound a deeply skeptical tone toward the short-term deal struck last month in Geneva to scale back Iran’s nuclear efforts in exchange for rolling back sanctions. He said any long-term deal must end Iran’s “military nuclear capability.”

But Netanyahu said the talks also must include an “unequivocal demand” for Iran to not just tweak the “minutiae” of its nuclear program, but change its entire policy toward Israel.

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