A group of about 500 Ukranians pulled down the Lenin monument in Bessarabia Square in Kiev. They tried last weekend, but were beaten back by police. This weekend the police were nowhere in sight. After pulling it down, the protesters cheered and sang the national anthem of the Ukraine.

The Communist Party of the Ukraine criticized the action and had left someone near the monument to protect it, but apparently he was not guarding his post when the crowd showed up.

Protesters took turns jumping and beating on the fallen statue, while others chanted “Glory to Ukraine!”

According to CBS, several hundred thousand Ukrainians occupied a central square in the capital earlier Sunday, denouncing President Viktor Yanukovych’s¬†decision to turn away from Europe¬†and align this former Soviet republic with Russia.

Lenin before the fall:

Lenin before the fall

Lenin after:

Monument on its side. By Alexander Aronets

Lenin getting smacked around:


People celebrate: