My friend @SooperMexican recently came under attack by writers at leftist pro-illegal immigration blog Latino Rebels.

This story was shopped around to various media outlets for comment such as Fox News Latino with the write-staff there positioning it as “an expose on SooperMexican proving he is not really a Latino.”

Finally last night the story was published by “Rebeldes” and it was the biggest disappointment I ever suffered in my Internet life.  Akin to waiting for Duke Nukem forever only to find out it wasn’t coming out any year soon.

Unlike Duke Nukem Forever though the article did not deliver in even the smallest way.  I was half-expecting some proof, controversy or drama generating methods to write the story utilized.

Instead what we got was a Twitchy-like post basically screaming: “OMG HES SO MEAN LOOK HE USED A SPANISH CUSS WORD!”

SooperMexican made the correct assertion that they were purely doing it to drive controversy and page-views to their site.  I completely agree.  A small glimpse of their Alexa rating tells the story in full

Read the story here