I’m sure Israel would relish the opportunity to wipe these cavemen off the face of the Earth.


Saqr Al-Jihad: What were things like when the Prophet Muhammad left Mecca for Medina? Did he have a gun? Did he have an AK-47? Did he have a knife? By Allah, he did not. He said: “Abu Bakr, fear not, there are only two of us, but Allah is with us.” Allah bestowed calm upon him. This is a great example of devotion and the placing of one’s trust in Allah. “If you support Allah, Allah will support you.”

By Allah, this knife, this AK-47, tanks, and all types of weapons – nothing comes out of their barrels unless it is ordained by…

Crowd: Allah!

Saqr Al-Jihad: We will conquer Syria and then Palestine, Allah willing. Allah willing, this knife… This gun will shoot at the heads of the Jews, and at the Alawites before them. […]

Oh Lord, have mercy upon us. Have mercy upon the weak among us. Protect us, and make us victorious soon. Your poor wretched servants, Your Muslim servants, have gathered here for the sake of Islam. Oh Lord, don’t let them down. Oh Lord, victory is near. Grant us victory. Protect us in the sky, on the ground, and from the planes. Protect us from the enemies. Oh Lord, we are not here because we love this world, but because we want to chop their heads off.