Yup, look at all the Walmart workers at protest in New Jersey… except I recognize they are New York Occupiers, like Yoni Miller, and Vietnam Veterans For Peace, a leftist vets organization. These guys are professional protesters, available for the requisite leftist causes, in this case, pushing to get unions into Walmart. This year there were fewer Walmart “associates”(the name for the workers) than even last year, where there were only about 100 involved, all across the country.

Via Washington Examiner:

A press conference call by the activist group OUR Walmart turned awkward when the group was repeatedly unable to say how many Walmart employees had joined in the group’s long-planned Black Friday protests. Walmart itself put the figure at just 20.

“I don’t have an actual count,” said Our Walmart member Martha Sellers, a cashier at a Paramount, Calif., store, said in response to a reporter’s question. “I know Walmart is saying that workers are not participating. That is wrong. They are.”

Asked variations of the same question by two other reporters — one asked what percentage of protesters were Walmart employees — the activists again could not answer and grew noticeably frustrated. “It is awful that Walmart is spreading these kinds of lies,” Sellers said.

Walmart spokeswoman Kory Lundberg told the Washington Examiner that most of the protesters were not employees and that those who were did not walk off the job.

“Fewer than 20 current associates have participated so far, and we’ve only seen six demonstrations with a current associate,” Lundberg said. “Associate” is Walmart’s term for an employee.

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Notice the Occupy sign, the anarchy sign, and People’s Power Assemblies: