And Obama’s friendship with Reggie Love was the inspiration for Brokeback Mountain, true story.

Via Politico:

President Barack Obama on Tuesday stopped by DreamWorks Animation in Glendale, Calif., scoring cheers from the crowd for Obamacare as he also joked about inspiring the look for “Shrek” and compared Congress to the “The Godfather.”

Obama wrapped up his West Coast trip with a stop at the campus of the animation studio, whose CEO is Jeffrey Katzenberg, a major Obama donor and supporter. During a tour before his speech, Obama visited a recording studio and watched actors Steve Martin and Jim Parsons record lines for their upcoming animated film, “Home.”

“I would like to work here,” Obama told the crowd. “I have asked Jeffrey. The only concern I had was the lights were kind of dim in the offices, and I’m pretty sure I’d fall asleep. But there’s a natural connection between me and DreamWorks. I don’t know if you know this — but my ears were one of the inspirations for Shrek. That’s true, true story.”

Update: Thanks to Mental Recession for the reminder.

(2/16/2011) – On his Tuesday show, Lawrence O’Donnell condemned a controversial cartoon of Michelle Obama, calling it a “racist obscenity” and saying that the cartoonists who drew it needed “an intervention.”

The cartoon, released on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government site last weekend, depicts Michelle Obama as overweight and wolfing down hamburgers while she talks about her campaign to promote healthy eating. Barack Obama is drawn with huge, outsized ears and tells her her campaign is going to hurt his re-election efforts. “Shut up and pass the bacon!” she replies.

O’Donnell only showed one panel of the cartoon, saying he would not show the rest of it “because it is a racist obscenity.” In his view, President Obama was depicted “in a half man, half animal form, with ears that don’t exist in the homo sapien species.”