Déjà vu.

Via The Hill:

The White House, for at least the fifth time this year, is seeking to pivot to the economy, this time in a bid to change the subject from the disastrous rollout of ObamaCare.

It’s a common play for the White House, which frequently seeks to refocus attention on its jobs and infrastructure agenda when facing political crises.

The move is so familiar that NBC White House correspondent Chuck Todd has dubbed it the “déjà pivot.”

The Hill counted at least five times the White House has sought to pivot to the economy this year by reviewing news accounts.

Republicans, citing their own statistics, argue that President Obama has circled back to the economy at least 14 times since 2011.

The formula is rote: Following a misstep or messaging error that battered Obama’s approval ratings, the White House announces events intended to promote the president’s economic agenda.

The most recent pivot began Monday with Obama’s trip to the West Coast.