Libyan Army Special Forces have been clashing in the last few hours with Ansar Al-Sharia in Benghazi. Despite a curfew, protesters, angry at the destruction that the Islamic terrorist group has brought to their city, at great personal risk to their own safety, stormed the Ansar al-Sharia base and set fire to it.

The Libyan Interior ministry is reporting 9 dead and 49 injured in early reports from Benghazi. The trouble began after Libyan law enforcement attempted to pursue a suspect into the terrorist area, then law enforcement came under attack near Ansar al-Sharia headquarters.

Even if our government wouldn’t move against them, these murderers have been served up a little bit of karma, the pictures eerily similar to our burnt compound in Benghazi.

Following pics of burnt Ansar al-Sharia compound are from FreeBenghazi:

“There is no God but Allah, and Mohamed is his messenger”: