Gotta disagree with this. He’s incredibly influential, in the way Hitler was influential-not good. With just Obamacare and Iran, the destruction he is causing is unprecendented.

Via NY Post:

He’s gridlock’s commander-in-chief.

President Obama was one of the least influential celebrities of 2013, according to GQ magazine, citing the White House’s inability to work with Congress.
Obama came in at No. 17, GQ said, because “nothing gets done” in Washington.

Wannabe diplomat Dennis Rodman was named GQ’s No. 1-least influential celebrity, as the mag slam dunked the former NBA bad boy for going one-on-one with brutal North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un with Dennis Rodman at a basketball game in Pyongyang in March.

The 52-year-old rebounding savant grabbed headlines this year for visiting his tiny tyrannical pal in Pyongyang, in a desperate dribble drive for world fame, according to GQ. He’s expected to make another trip to the hermit kingdom this year.

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