Warning: offensive language.

A fake TMZ account created quite a stir on Twitter.

Unsuspecting food stamp recipients and others began to rejoice and comment on the unexpected largesse.

Check under the fold for the reaction.

No thought as to the logic of this, not a care in the world as to who would have to pay for it, if it were true.

When @US395 chastised one of these people rejoicing over the imaginary gravy train, he was met with people who had no shame about ripping off the system and “getting theirs”.

Apparently, getting a windfall of of food stamps counts as “justice for Trayvon”:

Then being foul all over twitter not being enough, this high brow crew attacked @US95– first calling him gay:

Then attacking @US395 ‘s “alien” Filipino wife and child telling him “get yo old b.c. dinosaur ass off twitter and teach yo alien lookin son something . Yo family could all suck d**k together”.

The entitlement culture…it’s not pretty.