Yes, we know, we are all racists.

Via Newsbusters:

On Tuesday’sĀ PoliticsNation, Executive Editor Richard Wolffe accused Texas Senator Ted Cruz of “encouraging, inflaming and yes, flirting” with “fringe elements” who are “very ugly” and “racist” as he responded to a clip of the Texas Republican suggesting that the House could have grounds to impeach President Obama.

Host Al Sharpton set up the segment by recounting birther conspiracy theories against the President before moving to a completely unrelated clip of Senator Cruz, and then brought aboard wolffe for comment. Wolffe griped:

Ted Cruz has flirted with these fringe elements all the way through, and the fact that he cannot rule out what would be an egregious overreach by the United States Congress is exactly why his Republican colleagues dislike what he’s doing so much. It’s not thought through. It’s just pandering to the fringe elements of the Republican Party. Maybe he thinks that’s going to fuel some part of a Tea Party-driven candidacy for President. But he’s not going to get much support in terms of the broader party. […]

And if he wants to break out of Iowa on his, you know, path to the nomination, then he’s going to find it very, very hard indeed. So I do think he is encouraging, inflaming and yes, flirting with those elements of the Republican Party. They are very ugly and, let’s face it, also racist. That’s not the majority of the Republican Party, but it is the fringe.

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