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Via Times of Israel:

American Jewish leaders feel they were misled by the White House in recent contacts during which Obama administration officials urged them to stop pressing for more sanctions on Iran and instead give time for the Geneva negotiations to bear fruit, The Times of Israel was told on Monday.

The US Jewish leaders feel that the administration showed a “lack of trust” in them, a source close to the meeting said.

Obama administration officials did not tell them that they had been secretly negotiating with Iran for the past year, and that the Geneva talks were really “precooked,” and thus it was an act of bad faith for the administration to ask the Jewish groups to hold off on pressure for more sanctions with the promise that they would meet again in 30-60 days to consider where the negotiations had led.

In fact, the Jewish leaders believe, the administration knew exactly where the negotiations would be heading, since they had secretly negotiated the terms.

Although Haaretz on Monday quoted White House spokesperson Bernadette Meehan as saying that a Sunday Channel 10 report on the year-plus secret US-Iran talks was “absolutely, 100 percent false,” two sources told The Times of Israel they were convinced there was a secret channel of negotiations and were dismayed that the White House had not come clean about it.

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