Message for Dems up for re-election, listen to Chuck Todd.

Via Mediaite:

On Morning Joe Monday morning, MSNBC political analyst Chuck Todd argued that Democratic candidates shouldn’t be too quick to run away from Obamacare in 2014, as they will already be held responsible for the bill’s negative aspects, and can divine from historical precedent that running from a president rarely produces a midterm victory.

“I know the playbook says you’ve got to run away,” Todd said. “But they’re already going to own the negative.”

“This was always something that Republicans didn’t understand,” Todd continued, “and what the Obama campaign back in 2012 would say is: ‘Hey, you don’t understand, particularly with Hispanic voters, health care was really popular.’ Particularly with voters who are struggling with everyday pocketbook issues, the idea that the President of the United States went out on a limb and essentially tried to balance out something that has been a problem for a lot of Americans?”

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