We reported yesterday on the fact that CIA personnel who had been on the ground during the attack on Benghazi were asked to sign additional non-disclosure agreements after the attack.

Not only were they asked to sign these additional agreements, they were asked to do sign them at the memorial service for the dead, according to Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard.

John Brennan was given written questions by Mike Rogers, chair of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, back in September. One of the questions specifically dealt with this point: were CIA who had been in Benghazi during the attack made to sign NDAs.

Brennan denied it, in writing.

Here is a copy of the letter, signed by Brennan, denying anyone was made to sign an NDA after Benghazi, and with a postscript that also appears to be from Brennan, saying, “I want to assure you that I will not tolerate any effort to prevent our intelligence oversight committees from doing their jobs”.

Here’s a video from September from around the time of the letter, where Congressman Frank Wolf at around 1:09, says that he has no confidence in John Brennan, and says “John Brennan was in the White House, John Brennan is partially responsible for this[Benghazi]”.

Wolf also indicated additionally that his information was survivors had gone from being polygraphed once a year to being polygraphed “several times a month”. Brennan had also specifically denied this in his letter.

HT: Mass Tea Party for first video, Watchful1 for letter and second video