See livestream for all the action here, as Bat Kid saves Gotham. Follow the hashtags at #SFBatKid or #BatKid. You can also follow his exploits by following the Make A Wish Twitter account.

Via NBC:

The 12,000 volunteers who donned superhero capes and morphed San Francisco into Gotham City today can’t make sure a California boy will stay clear of leukemia for the rest of his life.

But, in handing the 5-year-old the key to the city, they can sure give him every boy’s dream come true for a few hours and a memory for a lifetime.

Right at 10 a.m. on Friday, Miles – a shy kindergartner with bright blue eyes and is in remission from his cancer – became “Batkid,” complete with mask, cape and puffy fake muscles. He exited the Batmobile, from the front of the two-person sportscar – of course – safety first – after unstrapping himself from his carseat.

“He’s just the cutest,” said Jackie Johnston, one of the thousands of fans who had come out to watch.

But Miles just isn’t cute. He’s a hero.

After he jumped on a trampoline to give him a little extra boost, he untied a “damsel in distress,” sitting on the cable car tracks on Hyde Street, a green bandana wrapped around her mouth, and a plastic box of what looked like explosives strapped to her back. Of course, the 5-year-old didn’t know exactly what to do at first, but was aided by his partner in good-deeds, Batman – one of the many volunteer actors partcipating in the event.

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Bat Kid has rescued the mascot!

Bat Kid defeated Penguin, who is now under arrest! Giants thank Bat Kid!

Bat Kid gets to run around bases at AT & T Park with Batman:

Video of some of the day’s fun:

Getting the key to the city:

See more pics here.

Just wanted to note, Bat Kid is in remission and our best thoughts and prayers be with him…