Stuff a sock in it, Oprah.

Via HuffPo:

Oprah did not hold back when talking about race in an interview with the BBC on Friday.

She was in the UK to promote “The Butler,” and forthrightly told interviewer Will Gompertz that there needed to be some demographic pruning to stamp out racism more fully.

“There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die,” she said.

Gompertz also asked her if it had ever crossed her mind that President Obama has faced racism.

“Probably it’s crossed my mind more times than it’s crossed your mind,” Oprah replied. “…I think that there is a level of disrespect for the office that occurs. And that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he is African American. There’s no question about that and it’s the kind of thing nobody ever says but everybody’s thinking it.”