All 5 million people?

Never mind the fact that OFA is supposedly a “non-partisan” non-profit and doing what Dean asks of them would be illegal.

Via Politico:

President Barack Obama never had the right wing on health care, has potentially lost the middle and with his attempted administrative fix is now in danger of losing the left.

And Howard Dean said the White House should just enlist Organizing for Action — the president’s political arm — to call every person who has lost their insurance plan due to Obamacare changes. […]

Dean, the former Vermont governor and 2004 presidential candidate, has for weeks been bearish on the chances of the Obamacare website ever operating properly and believes it may not be salvageable. He said Thursday that it’s time for the White House to abandon the idea that it can use the Internet to enroll people through federal health exchanges.

“He may just have to get rid of the whole thing and start all over with a different group,” Dean told POLITICO. “In the meantime, get people enrolled the old fashioned way. We existed fine as a country before the Internet.”

Dean said Obama is “getting sucked into the politics of Washington” in offering the administrative fix to allow people to maintain substandard plans on the individual market. He said the president who got elected in part due to online political donations should go low-fi.

“I would not restore these substandard policies,” Dean said. “I would call those people who are losing their policies and get them into the exchange manually. If you have to hire 10,000 kids to populate call centers, do it. If there was ever a use for OFA, this is it.”