And it’s widely known the ultra-thin skinned Obama hates Fox News with a passion, so this has to sting.

Via Washington Secrets:

The most trusted voice in America on Obamacare isn’t the president — or most of the media, Congress or insurance companies. It’s Fox News Channel.

Just 11 percent said that President Obama is the most trusted source of Obamacare information, about half of those who cite Fox, at 19 percent.

Worse for Obama, who has been fumbling over his oft-stated and false promise that Americans will be able keep their insurance under his namesake program, just 35 percent told that they trust his word a lot or some, while 52 percent said they trust him not too much or not at all.

As with many polls about Fox, Democrats trust the cable network’s Obamacare information less than Republicans, but it still stands out as one of the nation’s leading sources on the health care law. question: Which ONE of the following sources of information about the new health care law do you trust the MOST?

Fox News — 19 percent

Friends and family — 17 percent

President Obama — 11 percent

National Public Radio — 10 percent

Your insurance company — 9 percent

Local TV news — 6 percent

Republicans in Congress — 4 percent

MSNBC — 3 percent

BBC News — 3 percent

CNN — 3 percent

CBS News — 2 percent

NBC News — 2 percent

Obama administration officials — 2 percent

Democrats in Congress — 2 percent

Wall Street Journal — 2 percent

Local daily newspaper — 2 percent