Last night links being shared with the ShareThis widget or the “Tweet” one (seen at the bottom of this very story) began being detected by Twitter as spam or malware.

It seems the widget for “Tweet” or “Share This” points to the URL now and that seems to be where the filtering occurs.

I attempted to take the exact same text the widget inputs into the form for me to tweet and it works just fine.  So it’s obviously something between the widget/twitter itself

When attempting to share a link from the following sites I receive that error message:

  • WeaselZippers
  • Independent Journal Review
  • Twitchy
  • Redstate
  • Gateway Pundit

Sites that do NOT trigger this spam detection block:

  • MotherJones
  • Little Green Hemorrhoids
  • Huffington Post

Of course with everything Twitter does this isn’t the end all be all.  If you hit the “Tweet” button a second time the tweet does end up going through.

H/T Mooshakins