Comrade Chris is also outraged the liberal media is supposedly giving the right a “free ride” because they don’t call them racists enough.

Via Newsbusters:

MATTHEWS: “Let Me Start” tonight with this: I think it’s time for the President to stick it to his enemies. Forget this losing inch by inch and playing defense and win this thing on offense.

Let me start by saying out loud who his enemies are. They’re not those who push the racist argument that he’s a Kenyan, an East African who conned his way into the American presidency, their argument that says Barack Obama should have been deported as a criminal, not elected and reelected president of the United States.

No, his true enemies are the backers and kissing cousins of the birthers, the people like John Boehner, who refuse to stand up to them, who makes common cause with the haters even as he positions himself as not quite one of them, who keep their hands clean even as they benefit from the garbage their birther buddies are throwing out at the latest right-wing feeding time at the zoo.

Obama’s true enemies are those who back the three dozen states now pushing voter suppression laws to make damn sure the country doesn’t go and elect another back president or a progressive white president — you know, this generation’s equivalent of poll taxes and those discredited literacy tests, anything to keep minorities from their voting rights.

And to this crowd, the Obama haters add to them those who gnaw on the President’s health care bill with the hunger of starving rats but offer nothing in its place except their crazed notions about bringing down the government and destroying the country’s economy stature even as they deny even a penny of credit to the president for the zooming American stock market right now.

These are the enemies, those who stand to benefit from all the anger, hatred and indecency of the nasty right while claiming to be above them when, in fact, they are below them for again and again humming along when the worst of them, the true haters of the right, sing their racist and un- American songs. […]

I think — I think you — I think — let me just make my case. You guys don’t have to agree with me. I look at the free ride the media has been giving the Republican Party.