Al Sharpton playing the race card? That has to be a first.

Via Politico:

MSNBC host the Rev. Al Sharpton took issue with comments from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin comparing the federal debt to slavery, saying it’s hard not to sound racist when you make such an analogy.

Sharpton said Palin shouldn’t be using such rhetoric, but she’s concerned with feeding her base.

“Our federal debt is like slavery? Slavery was horrific, vile, a vile practice that was explicitly based on race. So it’s hard to avoid sounding racist when you make comparisons like that,” Sharpton said on his MSNBC show “Politics Nation” on Monday night. “This kind of talk has no place in our political debate. But Palin doesn’t seem to care. She only cares about throwing red meat to the right wing.” […]

“Here’s the thing. Republicans in Congress have been having their cues taken from her for years. In fact, they sound just like Sarah Palin,” Sharpton said. “It’s one thing for Sarah Palin to have low approval ratings, but the tea party’s approval rating is even worse — just 21 percent nationwide, a record low. And the Republican Party’s approval rating is also at a record low, 24 percent. It’s time for the GOP to reject Palin’s brand of extremism instead of copying it.”