Obama badly wanted a deal to help his position here. The deal allegedly in discussion gave Iran a break from sanctions for “delaying” their program-essentially giving Iran an out for nothing real back.

But France, God bless them, in a rare moment of toughness, put the kibosh on this ridiculous sop to Iran.

Even France has more backswing than Obama…

Via CBS:

Talks on curbing Iran’s nuclear program ended with no deal early Sunday after France objected that proposed measures didn’t go far enough. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said “significant progress” had been made on the remaining differences.

Six world powers and Iran agreed to resume talks Nov. 20.

Both sides badly wanted agreement. The U.S. and its five partners were looking for initial caps on Iran’s ability to make an atomic bomb, while Tehran sought some easing of sanctions stifling its economy.

But France would not soften its concerns over Iran’s plutonium project and the level of its uranium enrichment program.

Kerry, speaking to reporters after the talks broke up, acknowledged there were “certain issues that we needed to work through.”

“We’re grateful to the French for the work we did together,” Kerry said.

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