Fox, CNN and other blogs have now picked up versions of the smoking gun video that we found last week. The video shows Eric Cantor informing Obama about the issue in February 2010, and quoting the CBO report about potential millions of cancellations.

So Obama knew about it very clearly. On video, he responds, showing not only did he know, but he understood what was being said.

Via Breitbart:

Last night on Fox News’ “Special Report” and CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” video aired of President Obama admitting that due to ObamaCare, “eight to nine million people … might have to change their coverage.” The key words there are “have to.”

The setting is the February of 2010 health care summit with Republicans. Minority Whip Eric Cantor is addressing the president directly on the issue of people losing their insurance due to the Affordable Care Act:

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However, the version of the video Breitbart cites above is missing a critical point. What those media outlets still haven’t covered is the very last part of the video where Cantor asks, what will be the effect of the new benefits regulations on those already insured?

Obama says very clearly, that those regulations will only apply to the people in the exchanges, in other words, they will not apply to those already insured. He then tries to change the subject and move onto other people.

Obama then of course made sure by the regulations that it would apply to those already insured. One more gigantic whopper of a lie.

Check the tape, at the very end, at 13:41.