He is a raging narcissist after all.

CHUCK TODD: You know, he does not believe he lied on this, and that’s the sense I get. I mean, I think that that’s, he’s taken issue with that before with folks off the record, and I got it’s a sensitive issue, felt like he did not sit there and say he intentionally lied. He said that he wanted to, he thought he was going to be able to keep this promise. I thought what was revealing in that answer, when I asked him that direct question about this, was this a political lie that you started to believe it, was he talked about well, you know, it turns out we had trouble in crafting the law. He used this phrase about crafting the law. And I remember just looking at it again, you know, sometimes you’re in the middle of it and you don’t hear everything. And you’re like crafting the law? Well, this goes to the big criticism that there has been about this from a lot of Republicans, which has to do with this law got rushed together, it got pushed through, how there were plenty of political reasons, and Democrats will say it’s because Republicans were holding it up. Whatever the case, it doesn’t change the fact. The law got rushed through, and there are parts of the law they wish they had fixed or changed, and they never did. Well, look at the mess it’s gotten us into now?