It’s not just individuals getting the cancellation letters.

Wait till it hits the bigger employer plans and 60% of the country, that’s when this will truly explode…

Via Marketplace:

Just like people with individual health insurance polices, small businesses are grappling with unexpected changes to their policies and premiums because of the standards set by the Affordable Care Act.

In Arizona, Drs. Courtney and Matthew Dunn own DunnOrthodontics in central Phoenix. It’s a small but profitable practice, which they’ve had for about seven years. They don’t have to offer health insurance, but Matthew Dunn says, they choose to.

“We’ve always offered health insurance. It was easy in the beginning because we only had one employee, now we have 13 full-time employees.”

On Tuesday, the Dunns received a letter from their health insurer, Humana. It was labeled, “Important information regarding your coverage.” It informed them that they would not be able to continue with their current medical plan in 2014, as it did not meet all of the ACA requirements. The letter included information on a new Humana medical plan did comply with the ACA’s standards, but it would raise the Dunns’ premiums by 60 percent.

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