I hope each of these insurance companies pays a steep price for throwing their customers under the Obamacare express.

Via Sacramento Business Journal:

Specific language in the contracts major health insurers signed with Covered California to participate in the exchange required them to cancel the individual coverage which is at the center of a growing national debate.

Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser Permanente,Health Net and Blue Shield of Californiahave confirmed to the San Francisco Business Times that their Covered California contracts, signed in August or September, required the cancellations. Other plans on the exchange are subject to the same contract language.

“All QHPs (of which we are one) had to sign that contract,” said Darrel Ng, a spokesman for Anthem Blue Cross, referring to insurers known as qualified health plans.

“In order to participate in Covered California as a qualified health plan, the contract required us to cancel non-ACA-compliant plans on December 31,” saidSteve Shivinsky, a Blue Shield spokesman. “Blue Shield supports this policy because it assures a large and balanced risk pool of individual and family plan subscribers.”

Health Net’s Brad Kieffer said his company signed the contract Sept. 19, and Covered California counter-signed on Sept. 27 — just days before Covered California was set to begin accepting applications on Oct. 1.

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