Reagan didn’t call Gaddafi the “mad dog of the Middle East” for nothing.

(CBS News) — On “Face the Nation” airing Sunday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates told CBS News chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer that intelligence reports indicate Muammar Qaddafi’s forces are planting dead bodies of civilians at sites attacked by coalition forces.

“We do have a lot of intelligence reporting about Qaddafi taking the bodies of the people he’s killed and putting them at the sites where we’ve attacked,” Gates told Schieffer in an interview taped Saturday.

Gates stressed that coalition forces have been “extremely careful in this military effort” and commended coalition air forces saying, they “have really done an extraordinary job.”

Schieffer asked Gates if the Qaddafi regime is planting bodies at more than one location. While acknowledging that bodies have been moved to more than one location, Gates could not say how many.