Michael Cadigan has a lovely story, trumpeted after the initial Obamacare roll out and beamed around the country, including on the site of Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi where she is pushing “success stories”.

He allegedly signed up himself and his employees in his law firm in 15 minutes on the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange and supposedly saved a $1000 on their prior plans.

“I was very pleasantly surprised. I thought it was going to be an administrative nightmare and it literally took me 15 minutes once I found everybody’s birthdates, Social Security numbers and ZIP codes,” Cadigan, a former Albuquerque city councilor, said. “They gave me a quote that would save me $1,000 over what I was paying at Pres [Presbyterian Health Plan], so I’m psyched.”

Three guesses as to Cadigan’s party? You guessed it, Democratic politician, and not just that, a proponent of the Progressive creed.

Above, you can see Michael with Barack Obama in June 2008.

He also got to hang with Michelle Obama and Bill Richardson as well.

His Facebook likes include typical Democratic causes like Common Cause and likes of Barack, Michelle and heaven forfend, Joe Biden. And of course, OFA. Because every normal uninterested person likes OFA…

What a progressive thing to do when you want to advance as a politician…

At what point does this just start to compound the lies the President tells when the “success stories” are principally Democratic politicians or operatives?