UPDATE: 7:04pm EST — I have confirmed the teacher mentioned in the ad lives in a home valued at around $400,000 USD.  Not too shabby. 

Today the White House and the Twitter #GetCovered campaign have unveiled a new poster touting “Gregg F” as the newest Obamacare success story.  It claims it lowered his rates to just $32/month.

So of course there are some problems with Gregg’s story.   First off, he’s a teacher and part of the teachers union.  Why aren’t they providing him with healthcare?

Well because he’s a substitute teacher, they’re keeping him to 30 hours a week more than likely so he doesn’t qualify for insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Second problem is, Gregg got MASSIVE subsidies to fund this healthcare he has.  Oh and by the way, Gregg couldn’t figure out how to signup for this Obamacare thing either ….

So what does Gregg spend all his money on as a teacher?  Apparently donating to political stuff …

Called it …