I’m shocked Colorado’s “brosurance” ads aren’t convincing people to sign up for crappy overpriced health insurance.

Via Denver Post:

State health insurance exchange officials said Monday they have 3,164 enrollments in Obamacare so far, expressing frustration with the slow pace during a special meeting.

More than 44,000 Coloradans have created accounts with the exchange since its launch Oct. 1, but the difficulty of educating new customers in preparation for enrollment has been compounded by a series of computer glitches.

“If we didn’t have these glitches, what would that number be?” asked board member Arnold Salazar of Colorado Health Partnerships. He wondered aloud if a better system would have meant current enrollment of “6,000 or 18,000 or 30,000.”

“That’s what I struggle with,” he said.

Exchange officials have said they expect 136,000 enrollments in the first year.

HT: Jim Geraghty