UPDATE: 12:46pm EST — Kyle Becker at IJReview says that NBC has since purged the comments of the article since reposting it earlier today. He claims they did so after Drudge Report changed their link to the story.

UPDATE: 10:46am EST — The story featured on NBC now includes the content which was previously edited out or around.

UPDATE: 01:08am EST —  Excuses pour in…

UPDATE: 12:56am EST —  There are edits to the new version

UPDATE: 12:40am EST — Story is now back online but with a different URL


NBC has purged the story exposing the Obama administration’s knowledge of millions of Americans losing their insurance plans from their NBC News Investigations website.

NBC News has offered no explanation of this event nor have they issued a retraction or an editorial correction to the story.  All we can do is speculate as to motive.

It is interesting to note, the latest story on the page for NBC News Investigations is now a story about the U.S. killing terrorists linked to the Westgate Mall Tragedy.

A Google Cache of the page exists here for those interested in reading the original story.

(SooperMexican is responsible for the image that highlights the changes. MSPaint is no competition for his Photoshop skills)