Only two and a half months after it went live (and that’s assuming they hit the December 15th mark).

Via Politico:

The lead contractor for the website predicted today that people will be able to enroll en masse by Dec. 15 – a key date for those trying to get health coverage as soon as possible.

“We anticipate that the system, as we have seen, is improving day over day. … The system is working,” CGI Federal Senior Vice President Cheryl Campbell told the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

“People are enrolling [now] but people will be able to enroll at a faster pace … and people will be able to enroll by Dec. 15,” she said at the first hearing into the website’s botched launch.

If her timetable is right — and no new tech crises emerge — it wouldn’t be a worst-case scenario for the health law rollout. But it’s not a perfect one either, and it’s likely to add to the building pressure for the administration to at least extend the six-month sign-up season past its scheduled March 31 end.