Very classy stuff.

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Sexually suggestive campaign posters turned up on campus at Norfolk State University this weekend, and they have to do with Virginia’s race for governor.

The posters went up around NSU’s campus late Friday night with sexual and suggestive messages sponsored by the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPV). The message attacked Republican candidate and current Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

“Ken Cuccinelli wants to make oral sex a felony. You can stop him,” reads the bottom of both posters.

“That’s horrible,” said NSU alumna Shenita Perry. “Whatever you do in your personal business is your personal business.”

Many NSU students didn’t get a chance to see the posters before Monday, but students across the state may have. The DPV says the posters were sent to other campuses around the state, as well, all with the purpose of targeting college students’ vote.

“I don’t understand what this has to do, how this one for sure, has to do with making our state better or making the streets better,” said NSU junior Courtney.