I have to admit, chronicling the failures of Obamacare is immensely satisfying.

Iowan successfully buys insurance after 100 tries — Des Moines Register

Edward Voss is an unlikely pioneer.

The semi-retired computer programmer wanted to view his health insurance options under the Affordable Care Act, and he wasn’t about to let a balky federal website stop him.

Voss, 60, of Iowa City, is one of the first Iowans — possibly the first — to successfully purchase insurance via the problem-plagued website healthcare.gov.

Voss said Monday that he tried more than 100 times before finally being able to sign onto healthcare.gov, type in his personal information, compare insurance plans, and purchase a policy.

“My main thing as a computer programmer is persistence,” he said.

He completed the process three days after the government’s online insurance marketplace opened Oct. 1. But he wasn’t positive he’d been successful until his new carrier, CoOportunity Health, called him last Friday to congratulate him on becoming the company’s first customer to sign up via the public system.

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