In the midst of the numerous scandals of the Obama administration, this one is often overlooked, yet easily proven.

Chris Crane, president of the ICE Council, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents’ union, said that the President has effectively told ICE agents that they can no longer enforce the law, even as that applies to illegal aliens who have committed other crimes. He noted that while there has been investigation of the scandals of the IRS and Benghazi, “there has been no investigation into the President’s lawless activities with regard to immigration enforcement”.

“You can be in the country illegally, you can have an extensive criminal history, you can have multiple criminal convictions for serious offenses, and there is nothing that we can do to touch you,” Crane said. He pointed out that the numbers from the administration seeming to indicate “record deportations” were in fact falsely inflated. The numbers included mostly illegal aliens caught at the border, into the numbers of those deported from the interior, thereby juicing the numbers. Nothing the President says matches what he has been done, says Crane.

The ICE union has repeatedly asked for a meeting at the White House. But despite meeting with all manner of other groups on the issue, including illegal alien groups, the President has still refused to meet with the ICE union.

‘We are completely ignored,” Crane said, ‘The President will not respond to us…He gave some speeches where he called ICE agents “terrorists”. He said we went into neighborhoods and terrorized children, babies, nursing mothers, purposely tore apart families. So this President, I think, brings with him a real dislike, at the very least, for ICE agents and officers, and the mission we perform. I think there’s a real misunderstanding about what we do, and for that reason he has absolutely refused to let us be a part of any conversation.”

It seems farcical at the very least, not to include the people tasked with enforcement, in discussions of immigration enforcement. That is, if you intend to have any enforcement.

The President cannot achieve the immigration “reform” he wants (translate: fling open the doors) legally through passing a law. So therefore, he simply orders the laws on the books to be ignored. How offensive is it to have a president attacking law enforcement officials in this manner? Obama seems to brand ICE agents in the same way he brands anyone opposing or questioning something he wants. It is the same Alinsky personalizing and demonizing tactic that he employs against Republicans calling them “extremists” and “hostage takers”.

Why there has not been more said on this flouting of the law is astounding. Yet this is a complete violation of this President’s oath to uphold the Constitution and the laws of this land. This puts our security in incredible danger and continues to leave dangerous criminals roaming our streets.