This means Oregon will see an implosion of its ACA system since there is literally no one yet to fund it.


Yesterday I wrote about Oregon’s big success signing people up for Obamacare: The state had, in the course of 17 days, signed up 56,000 people for the health law’s Medicaid expansion. In one fell swoop, the state had cut its uninsured rate by 10 percent.

That is, however, only part of the story from Oregon. When it comes to private insurance, spokeswoman Amy Fauver said that it has not yet had any sign-ups.

“While we wish we were in a different place with our technology, we’re implementing the contingencies we need to make sure no Oregonians get left behind,” she said.

Cover Oregon decided Sept. 30, the day before the marketplace went live, that the software it uses to determine who qualifies for financial aid was coming up with too many errors to go live.

It decided instead that it would process applications manually. Those applications have begun filtering in and determinations will likely go out later this month.

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