What a shame.

Via EAGnews:

People are apparently tired of listening to Bill Ayers reminisce about this days as a fugitive, even in a city as liberal as Madison.

Ayers – the domestic terrorist from the 60s and self-proclaimed “small ‘c’ communist” – has been busy hawking his new book in recent weeks. He’s been making media appearances – including one with NBC News – and doing a book signing tour to boost sales and make money. What a capitalist pig!

Perhaps the crusty old radicals in towns like Madison are on to him. Perhaps those still pining for the socialist revolution are turned off by a former comrade who’s using his stories of the past to try to fluff his own financial pillow.

Whatever the case, Ayers’ scheduled appearance with the Madison Public Library Foundation has been cancelled due to a lack of interest, according to Wisconsin Reporter.

A staffer at the Madison Public Library Foundation, which scheduled the event, told Wisconsin Reporter they “didn’t have the kind of interest” they thought they’d get, so they nixed the hour long event, according to the news site.

Tickets were reportedly a meager $25 apiece.

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