Apparently Upchuck is the GOP’s savior.

Via CNS News:

The bipartisan deal to reopen the government and temporarily lift the debt ceiling includes one small Obamacare element — a provision that says people’s incomes must be verified before they can get Obamacare subsidies to help pay their insurance premiums.

But this was not a concession to Republicans, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Wednesday.

“It’s, you know, it is, frankly, a bit of a fig leaf, which we were happy to give, but that was not a negotiation. That was not what Ted Cruz and the others started to demand that we give them.”

Schumer noted that income verification is part of the Affordable Care Act, although earlier this year, the Health and Human Services Secretary said the health exchanges would accept self-reported earnings figures in awarding subsidies. […]

Schumer touted the unity of Democrats who “stood firm,” comparing his party to “these tea party folks who are so out of the mainstream.”

“And so what’s happened here, is that this extreme group has finally been stood up, and now maybe in an ironic way, Democrats have given mainstream Republicans some of these strengths — to go forward and negotiate on a reasonable basis, where you get something and not everything.”

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