Spam email ads have a higher conversion rate than Obamacare.

Via The Hill:

Less than one percent of people who visited in its first week actually enrolled for coverage under ObamaCare, according to a new analysis.

The consulting firm Kantar US Insights estimated that only about 36,000 people completed the enrollment process by Oct. 5, out of about 9.5 million unique visitors to the glitchy ObamaCare portal.

The figures, if accurate, shed light on the site’s rocky rollout and point to the daunting task facing federal health officials over the next six months as they try to convince millions to buy health plans.

Kantar, using data from nonpartisan research firm Millward Brown Digital, estimated that about 9.4 million visited the site during its first week.

Of that number, roughly one-third tried to register and one-third of that group — 1.01 million — completed the registration process.