Mainly death, especially for babies still in the womb.

Via Newsbusters:

CHRIS HAYES: Yesterday was the day for Wendy Davis. The Texas state senator throwing her hat in the ring to become the first Democratic governor of the Lone Star State since Ann Richards. You remember Wendy Davis, the woman who waged an epic 11-hour filibuster to  temporarily block a Republican proposal restricting abortion in the state, sporting a pair of neon pink sneakers throughout. And  the Davis filibuster wasn’t some Ted Cruz-style spectacle. This was a real-deal filibuster, an attempt to block a Republican bill restricting women’s access to medical care.

Davis’s actions galvanized folks across the country. A flood of supporters gathering inside the state capitol to cheer her on. And when the bill was ultimately blocked at the midnight deadline, Davis became an overnight rock star in the Democratic party. Inspiring means, nail art, a hash tag, even Taiwanese animation. But a Wendy Davis candidacy is more than just good politics for  Democrats. It’s literally a matter of life or death for many Texans.