Just because they can’t get a website right despite having years to work on it doesn’t mean they can’t run the U.S. health care system, right?

Via Beltway Confidential:

Department of Health and Human Services officials announced late Friday that during “off peak” times over the weekend it would would be taking down the federal website meant to enroll Americans in President Obama’s health care program to perform site maintenance.

“We expect that Monday, less than a week after the Marketplace opening, there will be significant improvements in the online consumer experience,” HHS spokeswoman Joanne Peters promised in the release.

But when I attempted to visit Healthcare.gov this morning, I experienced the same problems I did before the maintenance.

The system wouldn’t let me log into the account I created last week. When I attempted to create a new account, I got an error message that read, “Important: Your account couldn’t be created at this time. The system is unavailable.”

And apparently, I’m not alone. Jennifer Haberkorn, a health care reporter for Politico, also wrote on Twitter that she couldn’t create an account on the web site.

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