Zombies unite! You knew that Democrats let you vote, now you can have healthcare insurance too. Next comes free brains…

Via Daily Caller:

Obamacare can help dead people, too.

This is apparent in Kentucky, where application forms for the state’s new Obamacare benefit exchange asks if the application is for someone who has recently died.

Question 39 on the kynect: Kentucky’s Healthcare Connection printable application form for a single person health seeking either coverage or help paying costs, states: “If you are filling out this application on behalf of a person who recently passed away, enter the deceased person’s date of death.”

“This is for Medicaid — it will pay three prior months of medical expenses for the eligible,” Gwenda Bond, a spokeswoman for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, told The Daily Caller on Friday. “It also allows us to prevent fraud by noting the date of death, time-limited benefits.”

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