Commie California at its finest.

(Daily Mail) — A disabled boy was banned from performing a Christian song in a talent show by his school because of its religious content, a lawsuit claims.

Jerilyn Shubert, Superior Street Elementary School principal in Chatsworth, California, allegedly told the mother of the cerebral palsy sufferer that the lyrics were ‘offensive’.

She said the fifth-grader should choose a less religious song — but the school district has backed down after a lawsuit said the boy’s First Amendment rights were violated.

The boy auditioned for last month’s talent show by dancing to his favourite tune, ‘We Shine’, but his mother was told by Mrs Shubert that he should change the song, it said.

She asked if he could pick another song that ‘does not say Jesus so many times’ as the lyrics were ‘offensive’ and a violation of the ‘separation of church and state’.

But a lawsuit from Christian legal group the Alliance Defense Fund on behalf of the boy prompted the district to change its policy, reported Fox News and Charisma.

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