If you’re signing up for crappy government health insurance because some celebrity told you to, then you really need to reevaluate your life.

Via Healthwatch:

The White House is turning to local politicians and celebrities Wednesday to promote the second day that uninsured Americans can purchase coverage on the ObamaCare exchanges, following a launch that featured intense interest — and serious technical glitches.

According to the White House, community leaders, artists and mayors will use the hashtag #GetCovered on social media to promote the exchanges.

The administration has created a centralized page where allies can download Twitter and Facebook icons and backgrounds to spread the word about the law.

Celebrities including singer John Legend, rock band Pearl Jam, and actresses Alyssa Milano and Kerry Washington were among the entertainers that had already used the hashtag to promote the exchanges.

The campaign follows Tuesday’s launch of the health care exchanges, which saw many would-be applicants frustrated by glitches and errors in the online enrollment system.