The same veterans group that managed to storm the gates at the WWII memorial yesterday is planning taking on the fences at the Lincoln Memorial today. This sounds like a capitol idea, pun intended.

Both memorials are open air memorials. The Lincoln Memorial is open 24 hours a day, normally. If you’ll recall, it was wide open to having someone throw green paint on it in the evening a few months ago.

So that means the Obama administration is making a conscious effort to spend more in time and money to shut off something which is normally open.

How ridiculous is this effort by President Obama to make the people “hurt” so he can blame it on Republicans, just as he did with the sequester, which was also his idea?

We still don’t have access to the White House, the people’s house, allegedly because of the sequester, although Obama has spent countless of our millions since then on vacations, parties and golf.

When you have the opportunity to pass bills for veterans and national parks, unconnected to Obamacare, and then don’t pass them, or spend more to close spaces then to keep them open, the reason is simply you want to continue to have people feel the pain.

And that, Mr. President, is sick.

HT: morgenr, Lone Wolf907